Phil Sandoval
  United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation

[Fritzlar Kaserne]
in Germany

Phil enjoyed visiting his old military base where he was stationed in 1947 when he served in the United States Constabulary.
It was in September of 2000, Phil was welcomed by Major Wunche, the German Military Base Adjutant.
A welcome greeting is visibly shown by a friendly hand shake and smiling faces.


Maj. Wunche and Phil Sandoval
stands in front of what use to be the enlisted men's Mess Hall .

Hangers by the Commo Radio School.
The schools student quarters were upstairs.

This was the Hq/Hq Co. Motor Pool area.

The Bahnhof in Fritzlar
Phil said "This is where most of the us arrived when we got to Fritzlar from Marburg."

Phil meets Thomas Schmidt for the first time in person.

Thomas Schmidt of Kassel, Germany, an Associate member of the US Constabulary Association,  has been management for the past 6 years in arranging members of the US Constabulary Association to visit the Rothwesten and Fritzlar Kaserne.
 Former Troopers Richard [Dick] Smith, Ralph Houlihan, Richard Newman, and Phil Sandoval had the pleasure of such visits, after their contact with the United States Constabulary Web Editor, Irene Moore.

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