Kassel, Germany

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The United States Army entering the city of Kassel, Germany.

In Kassel ist der Krieg zu Ende.  Unser Bild zeigt den Einmarsch der Amerikaner in der Wilhelmshoher Allee [3 April 1945]

Bombs Fell on Kassel Friday Oct. 22 and 23 of 1943. The city was destroyed in 3 hrs. Fuldabrucke 

The Elsa
 One of the most popular pastime was riding the Elsa.

 A view of the Elsa on the Fulda River in Old Kassel.
 The photo to the left, was taken by Gilbert J. Matherne in Jan. of 1999. 

This was a hot spot back in the 40's and 50's.  Not only army but the air force enjoyed the wonderful wine, food and beer at the Roter Kater [Red Tom]. 

The Graue Katze [Gray Cat] was next door and it was getting a lot of attention too.

Rondell - 1998
The photo of the Fulda River was taken from Bettenhauser Str. in Lower Kassel.

This photo was taken while standing on the Fulda Bridge 1998.


The Bombing of Kassel during WWII

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