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New Book - Just Released
John Capone is announcing the sale of his new book "Forgotten Peacekeepers".

“Forgotten Peacekeepers” is an interesting read through a critical and historical time. It would make a perfect educational piece for family discussion of all ages for around the dinner table.”

Subject Matter: Following WWII, Germany was in complete disarray. The U.S. Constabulary, through structure and commitment, brought stability, security, hope, and restored law and order to the American Zone of Occupation. The U.S. Constabulary was created specifically to assist the American military government to restore law and order to a war torn country and provide for the security of the German population.

In the words of then Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, “It is the view of the American government that the German people … be given the primary responsibility … to manage their own internal affairs in a democratic way, with genuine respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and win their way back to an honorable place among the free and peace loving nations of the world”.

In its newfound role as an occupying force, the U.S. Constabulary brought stability and security to the American Zone of Occupation and enabled Germany to emerge as a democracy. They helped to win the peace. They were the Forgotten Peacekeepers.

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Posted June 22, 2009
Last update March 31, 2010